Environmental protection

Eko-Adria d.o.o. is the legal person registered and authorized for:
  • Environmental impact assessment studies (EIA)
  • Environmental protection studies for interventions that are not obligated for environmental impact assessment
  • Reports preparations for environmental protection sign “EU Ecolabel”
  • Professional activity concerning environment pollution register
  • Special studies and reports for evaluation of environmental conditions
  • Environmental studies, calculations and projection

Waste management

Based on the legislative framework and regulations, and use of best available techniques we offer to the local self-governments:
  • Waste Management Plans, taking into account the needs and specificities of each local community
  • Counseling for the integral and sustainable waste management system
  • Waste Management Study
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents and in the process of conducting evaluation of the need for Strategic environmental impact assessment studies for plans, programs and strategies
  • Assistance in the process of making development strategies and regional plans in relation to protected areas and ecological network
For companies that manage municipal waste we offer:
  • Managing the price list for the service of collection and disposal of municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste
  • Assistance in the making of educational materials for customers
  • Resolutions about how to organize municipal waste collection and disposal of municipal waste
  • Education of customers
  • Finding the best techniques, equipment and technology for establishing an integrated waste management system

Business consultancy

For business clients we offer assistance in establishing and maintaining a system of sustainable waste management which includes:
      • assistance in keeping the record of waste production (ONTO, ONTO, ONTOG)
      • assistance in keeping the record of waste transportation (ONTO-P)
      • assistance in the preparation of waste accompanying sheets (PL-A) and the declaration of physical and chemical properties of hazardous waste (DFKSO)
      • Waste Management Plans of waste producers – (PGO-PO)
      • preparation of annual report in the Environmental Pollution Register (ROO)
      • consultation and preparing documentation for registration in the Register for performing waste management activities
      • consultation on waste management in business companies (temporary waste storage space, labeling waste containers …)
      • assistance in managing the record of volatile organic compounds
      • making EHOS and REGVOC forms


We offer:
  • workshops for children and adults on waste management
  • workshops on composting
  • education of municipal workers
  • various seminars for target groups in the fields of environmental protection and waste management
  • workshops on handling dangerous chemicals




For business clients who are engaged in activities of import, entry, production, placing on the market and use of hazardous chemicals, we offer:
  • assistance in obtaining permission for use, placing on the market and production of dangerous chemicals
  • making of safety data sheets (SDS) and declarations
  • assistance in the annual report to the Croatian National Institute of Toxicology
  • assistance with records for production / entry / import of dangerous chemicals
  • preparation of documents for the registration of biocidal products in the Register of biocides