Environmental protection

Eko-Adria d.o.o. is the legal person registered and authorized for:
  • Creation of documentation on preparation for climate change
  • Creation of Environmental impact assessment studies (EIA)
  • Preparation of environmental impact studies, including documentation for the implementation of the evaluation procedure on the need to assess environmental impact and documentation for determining the content of the environmental impact study
  • Creation of Environmental impact assessments related to interventions for which no environmental impact assessment obligation is prescribed
  • Creation and/or verification of special studies, budgets and projections for the needs of environmental components
  • Carrying out professional work for the needs of the Register of Environmental Pollution
  • Preparation of a report on product compliance with standards in the process of obtaining the “Friend of the Environment” environmental protection sign and the EU Ecolabel sign
  • Creation of a study on determining criteria for a certain group of products for awarding the environmental protection mark “Friend of the environment”
  • Assistance in creating documentation in the process of conducting an assessment on the need to implement a strategic assessment of the impact of plans and strategies on the environment and the ecological network
  • Assistance in the process of creating development strategies and spatial plans in relation to protected natural areas and the ecological network Natura 2000

Waste management

Based on the legislative framework and regulations, and use of best available techniques we offer to the local self-governments:
  • Waste Management Plans, taking into account the needs and specificities of each local community
  • Counseling for the integral and sustainable waste management system
  • Waste Management Study
  • Resolutions for the way to provide public service
  • Resolutions for communal order
  • Program to reduce the disposal of communal waste generated in the area of the local authority units
  • Help in creating a price list for the public service of collecting mixed municipal waste
For companies that manage municipal waste we offer:
  • Managing the price list for the service of collection and disposal of municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste
  • Assistance in the making of educational materials for customers
  • Education of customers
  • Finding the best techniques, equipment and technology for establishing an integrated waste management system
  • Organization of trips/visits to trade fairs on sustainable waste management
For all hoteliers, we offer the introduction of a “zero waste” system, which includes:
  • Snapshot of the current state
  • Creation of a cost-benefit analysis for the introduction of a new system
  • Employee education
  • Preparation of waste prevention studies
  • Monitoring of waste prevention processes and waste management with an emphasis on production waste management

Business consultancy

For business clients we offer assistance in establishing and maintaining a system of sustainable waste management which includes:
  • Assistance in running the e-ONTO application
  • Assistance in the creation of supporting sheets for waste (PL-O)
  • Preparation of the annual report to the Register of Environmental Pollution (ROO) for those who are obliged to report
  • Consulting and preparation of documentation related to the Waste Management Permit
  • Consultation and preparation of documentation related to registration in the Register of by-products and Register of cancellation of waste status
  • Consultation and preparation of documentation for registration in the Register of waste management activities
  • Consulting on waste management of business entities (temporary storage space, labeling of containers, assistance in keeping documentation…)
  • Development of a Plan for the reception and handling of waste and cargo residues from vessels
  • Advice and assistance in creating forms for the purpose of paying fees to the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency based on the Law on Sustainable Waste Management


We offer:
  • Workshop for municipal, traffic and agricultural wardens – PREPARATION OF ACTS
  • IN-HOUSE education for municipal wardens – PREPARATION OF ACTS
  • Education on creating a Price List for the public service of collecting mixed municipal waste
  • Workshop for children and adults on handling waste
  • Workshop on composting
  • Training of employees at the recycling yard
  • Various seminars for target groups in the chain of environmental protection and waste management
  • Workshop on handling waste chemicals


For business clients who are engaged in activities of import, entry, production, placing on the market and use of hazardous chemicals, we offer:
  • Chemical warehouse organization
  • Advice on dealing with chemicals
  • Help in keeping the Volatile Organic Compounds Register
  • Creation of EHOS and REGVOC forms
  • Preparation of the annual report to the Croatian Institute of Public Health (Toxicology Service) – summary witness statements
  • Creation of registers for the production/input/import of dangerous chemicals
  • Preparation of the documentation necessary for the registration of biocidal products in the Biocidal Register